Flooded Basement
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My Basement is Flooded!

Advice on how to handle water in your basement.
Content Restoration

Heavy rain, a pipe burst or faulty appliance can quickly turn your basement into wet mess.

You should act quickly to find the source of the water and if possible, stop the flooding. Try to clean and dry what you can to protect structures and content from water damage and potential mold growth.

Be Careful!

If you have a large amount of water, be sure to disconnect any electrical service to the area if you attempt to walk in the standing water.

Finding a Water Damage Specialist

Some water removal and restoration companies (like Clarke Contractors) will not only remove the water, clean, dry and sanitize the area but can also repair what caused the flood or leak. Protect your home and valuables and have peace of mind knowing your basement is more protected from future occurances.

Top 3 Must Dos for a Flooded Basement

  1. Get the Water Out - Remove the water if possible as soon as possible. Major water damage typically requires a professional retoration company such as Clarke Contractors. If your damage is minimal, you can mop, use towels or other clothes to clean the water up. Be sure to wash and sanitize to prevent mold from growing.
  2. Get it Dry - Use fans to move air around and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air. This will help discourage dangerous mold agrowth. Keep dehumidifiers at away from walls to improve air movement.
  3. Clean and Disinfect - Tile, vinyl, cement and other hard surfaces can be scrubbed with a chlorine bleach / water solution. Use 1 cup chlorine to 1 gallon water mix. Make sure to wear rubber gloves and protective eyewear in a well ventilated area.