Water Leaks
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I have a water leak!

Where's it coming from? Finding the source of water damage can be challenging.
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Last years weather had homeowners on edge when they woke up to a wet floor or flooded basement. When the rain comes down for what seems like days on end, the small leaks that always went undetected now become the catalyst that sparks basements to flood or walls and ceilings to leak. Leaking pipes and overflowing drains are some of the obvious sources and trust me, are easier to find than a leak in the basement that starts on the roof.

With water, timing is everything. If you know you have a problem, call us immediately at 513-874-3995 to get the drying process started. Day or night, we will bring the equipment required and get to work. Locating the source of the leak is the next crucial step, and once found it’s addressed accordingly. These two steps will get the job started, and depending on the severity of the damage, the job may get much more involved from there.

Roof leaks are one of the most common water penetration areas. Water may travel into the attic or walls slowly over a period of time, and only show visible damage when the rain is heavy or for an extended period of time. The two most common leak points on a roof are the pipe boots and flashings. Shingles that come off or even old age will also cause leaks. Addressing roof issues will help provide protection against Mother Nature and keep the inside of your home dry, the way it should be.

At Clarke Contractors, we like to not only get the inside restored, but also know we have located the source and repaired it so that it does not happen again. There is no need to break out the shop-vac, just give us a call, relax and sit back while we eradicate the situation.