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Does My Insurance Cover Mold?

Mold Damage

Know Your Policy and Coverage

Most agencies will cover mold issues due to accidental damage.

Mold damage in your home or business? You might want to check with your insurance company to see if that is covered. There are many companies that cover certain mold damage or none at all. Insurance companies over the years have been changing their mold policies, including companies in 44 states.

Companies will cover mold issues due to accidental damage. Broken pipes, storms, and fire suppression efforts are what the companies consider accidental damage. Seepage, wear and tear, and not doing proper maintenance in your home that cause mold, the insurance companies will not cover.

Normal coverage for damage is between $5,000 – $10,000. You can purchase what they call a rider policy which will cover the mold in your home. There are exclusions for mold that include wet rot, rust, and mildew. An exclusion is all damage related to mold, but will only cover a certain amount when it comes to expenses.

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Common Mold Problem Areas

Mold Damage from Leaky Roof
Leaky Roof / Attic & Walls

In many instances, mold in the attic or within structural walls is caused by a roof issue. Other cause can be improper ventilation or bad venting from exhaust fans.

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Mold in Basement
Damp Basement / Crawl Space

Basements and crawlspaces are common areas for mold because of lack of sunlight, ventilation and often high humidity levels.

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Mold Around Doors and Windows
Windows and Doors

Condensation causes mold on or around windows. Leaks around frames and poor or damaged caulking will also contibute.

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Bathroom Mold Removal

Poor exhaust ventilation and sink / tub overflows getting under floors and into walls are common causes of mold and mildew in bathrooms. The moisture attaches itself to area's such as tile, flooring, walls and plumbing fixtures.

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Mold in HVAC Systems
HVAC Systems

Unseen mold could hide in vents, ducts, air conditioning and heating systems in your home. Mold growth in HVAC systems is often the cause of respiratory issues—asthma, allergies, coughing, and headaches.

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Baseboard Mold
Floors and Baseboards

Mold can hide behind baseboards and flooring typically caused by previous flooding or high humidity conditions in the house. The darkness in these areas allows mold to grow and thrive in these areas.

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Mold Removal and Remediation Process

Water Damage Response

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We have offices near Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. Call now or reach us through our Contact Page to schedule a free mold evaluation.

Water Damage

We Inspect Mold and Source

Sometimes mold hides. Clarke Contractor's mold experts use the latest tools and equipment to find and evaluate the mold problem and identify the source. Use our form to request a free mold evaluation.

Water Removal

We Clean-Up / Remediate

We destroy the mold or mildew or remove the effected area. We seal off contaminated areas to prevent the spread of mold spores and use air scrubbers, drying equipment and disinfectant to eliminate the mold.

Certified Restoration Professionals
Water Restoration

We Repair and Restore

If neccesary, we repair any damage due to the mold infestation or from the mold removal process and restore the effected area back to normal conditions.

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