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Clarke Damage Restoration

Smoke and Odor Mitigation

Smoke Damage

Fast smoke and odor mitigation for fire damaged homes and businesses.

Odor Free. Guaranteed. Clarke Contractors has the tools and experts to remove the smoke and or stink from your home.

Odors might smell foul, but they can also be dangerous to your health. They’re also tricky because they have a variety of causes inside and outside your home or commercial property. Clarke’s IIRC-certified technicians are trained to sniff out odors and remove them entirely. Odor free is our guarantee.

We Use Best Practices to Destroy Odor

While some over-the-counter products mask smells, they don’t eliminate them altogether. That’s why our highly trained team uses industry-best practices and technology to remove unpleasant odors at the source.

Microban kills Bacteria

Microban stops odors by killing the bacteria that causes it. Microban also contains an exclusive odor counteractant that attacks other odors not caused by bacteria, like food. We stand behind this product because it offers the best protection against dangerous, destructive and offensive microorganisms.

Our Ozone Generators Remove Odor at Molecule Levels

Odor control is a big obstacle once the fire is put out or the water is dried. House fires cause smoke and soot damage. You can make all the home repairs but the odor still lingers. You can get rid of all the water damage and dry everything, but still have that musty smell. Not to mention, the most feared four-letter word to all homeowners, MOLD.

Ozone is an odor control option that does not put any more harmful chemicals into your home. Ozone is generated through the use of ozone generators. They strip oxygen out of the air and pass it through an electrical discharge converting oxygen to ozone. Ozone then attaches to the molecule and eliminates it. Ozone can be used to control animal, smoke, pet and other common household odors. It is also the most effective method to rid your home of that MOLD. When you use some chemicals to control odor causing sources, it can come back once the chemical process is complete. With ozone the odor is eliminated, therefore, will never come back.

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Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire Damage Emergency Services
Emergency Service 24/7/365

We're available anytime and we respond fast.

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Smoke and Water Damage Services
Smoke, Odor and Water Mitigation

We have the equipment to take on the destruction caused by fire and the damage that is often caused by water to extinguish the fire.

  • Water Extraction / Structual Drying
  • Dry Ice Blasting (removes soot without damaging structure)
  • Ozone Generators (odor removal)
  • Hydroxyl Generators (odor removal)
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Content Restoration from Smoke and Fire Damage
Content Preservation and Restoration

We take special attention and care to restore your personal property.

  • Full pack-out/move-out of contents
  • Assess what is salvageable, unsalvageable and disposable
  • Proprietary EPA approved Ozone Room to treat smoke odor on large items
  • Photograph, bar coding and inventory of contents
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Repair Services from Fire
Repair and Restore to Normal Condition

We are experts at repairing structures damaged by fire, water and/or mold.

  • Complete repair and remodeling services
  • 20 + Years in Business
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • A+ BBB rating
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Why Choose Clarke Contractors?

We Are Restoration Experts!


We Have the Expertise
Clarke Contractors Inc. has been serving the Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and surrounding areas for more than 25 years.

Water Damage Resources

We Have the Resources
We have the equipment, certified staff and technical know-how to not only get the job done right but also exceed your expectations.

Fast Response

We Respond... FAST!
Our emergency services are available 24/7 and we move fast. We’ve seen the worst and can handle the call any time of night or day.

Workmanship Warranty

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We guarantee workmanship with a one year warranty. From the first phone call to the final walk-through, we put customer satisfaction first.

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Water Damage Response

Call for Emergency Services

We will immediatly board and tarp off windows and damaged roofs to prevent further damage and secure property. We have 2 offices near Cincinnati and Dayton to respond to any fire call within 48 minutes or less.

Water Damage

Fast Damage and Debris Clean Up

After the fire Clarke Contractors offers fast clean up of debris along with demo services for unsalvageable items allowing cleaning, repair and mitigation services to begin.

Water Removal

We Clean and Repair

For salvageable content and structures, We use latest technologies and equipment to clean structures from smoke, soot and water damage.

Certified Restoration Professionals
Water Restoration

Restore / Remodel

Whether a destroyed kitchen or your favorite shirt hanging in the closet, we repair and restore your home or business and it's valuable contents.

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