Storm Damage Repair and Clean-Up
Servicing Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Surrounding Areas

Storm Damage Response

We're ready to repond 24/7/365 to weather events.
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Wind storms, tornado’s, hail, floods, fire… You name it, Clarke Contractors is ready to respond 24/7/ 365. Here at Clarke Contractors we have the knowledge and experience to estimate any catastrophic loss. When it comes to catastrophic response, the name of the game is preparation and experience. During Hurricane Ike we tarped over 500 roofs in the first week after the storm. This exemplifies our preparation and able staff.

We will walk you through the process from the first inspection to the final walkthrough at the end of the job. These catastrophes are horrible events to endure; our staff understands the importance of impeccable customer service, especially during such a trying time. I have personally worked on national catastrophic response teams for a few different insurance companies as an Independent Adjuster.

I have responded to catastrophes all over the country and have assisted hundreds of homeowners in getting their life and property back to normal. One thing I learned in my time on the national catastrophic response team is how important it is to hire a quality, trust worthy, local companies. Here at Clarke contractors we have all the tools to get your job done quickly and to the highest standard of workmanship. We have been serving the Tristate are since 1997 and have thousands of satisfied customers.