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Avoiding Mold Warning Signs Can Lead to Contamination

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What Causes Mold Growth?

When conditions are right, mold will thrive and spread in a home or business.

n the restoration business, one of the most common concerns encountered after water damage is the growth of mold. There are many different causes and warning signs that may help you identify without giving out the slightest of clues to their presence until they are well established.

The more times they get to develop and grow, the bigger the problem becomes to both your personal heath and your property. It is important to be able to identify and remove molds as soon as possible. Here are some warning signs you should know and be alert for.

Triggers for Mold Growth

Humidity causes mold


Humidity is the prime factor for mold growth. It is recommended to keep humidity within the 30% to 50% range. Humidity above 60% creates the right conditions for molds to settle down and grow.

Water leaks and mold.


Leaks on roofs, pipes, rainwater pipes, plumbing systems, or small cracks on walls, windows or doors that let water penetrate in are dangerous. Mold needs moisture in order to grow and thrive. Many mold problems originate as a result of some kind of water intrusion, especially those that are not resolved quickly. If such leaks exist in your home, molds and mildews have probably already entered.

Mold and Wet Carpet

Wet Carpet

If your carpets, small or wall to wall, get wet somehow, you will need to take immediate action to get them dried. Spills, leaks, or pets can make your carpet wet. If you generally leave carpets to dry naturally, chances are good that mold has grown on the other side of the carpet. There are professional cleaning products that can clean carpets and prevent mold contamination.

Water damage from mold.

Water Damage:

Mold infestation is very common after a flood. If the ground floor and basement of any building remains under water for a long period of time, it will take a long time for that area to dry out entirely, even when the water is drained or removed from the area. You need to be careful and start having the damaged area treated with a mold killing spray, even when there is no sign of mold infestation.

Mold on walls.

Stains on or Behind Walls:

If you are noticing ugly spots around the kitchen sink, bathroom walls, bathtub and other areas in your house, chances are high that you have mold. Yellowish stains on walls and ceilings are a sign of excessive moisture. Molds are microscopic, but when mold forms colonies, they appear as ugly spots on the surface and may have a greenish, brownish or blackish discoloration to them. Prominent specks on the walls mean molds are in evidence and you may need to get a professional to inspect to find out other places in your house of contamination.

Mold odor

Musty Odor:

Musty odor is the most concrete proof of mold contamination. Molds produce VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds, which are responsible for the smell. When molds infect items, the objectionable smell alerts you about mold infestation. Musty odor is often the first indication of mold growth that you will actually observe. Mold removal and mitigation should help get rid of the offending odor.

Treating Mold - The Good News

While mold growth can cause damage to your property and health, it is a problem that can be recognized and corrected. Depending on the extent of the mold growth and locations of infiltration, fixing the problem can be as simple as a mild treatment to the areas or complete removal and replacement of the affected areas.

Local remediation experts with all types of mold and mildew contamination

  • Evaluate and Identify Source
  • Isolate Infected Area
  • Clean / Treat / Eliminate Mold
  • Air Filtration Treatment
  • Removal of Infected Materials
  • Scrub and Sanitize
  • Treat and Eliminate Odor
  • Repair Structual Damage
  • Black Mold Removal
  • Air Scrubbing and Cleansing

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Home Mold Services
Mold in Home Mold Growth

Home or Business, We Find the Source and Remove the Mold Contamination

Roof Leak

Leaky Roof / Attic & Walls

In many instances, mold in the attic or within structural walls is caused by a roof issue. Other cause can be improper ventilation or bad venting from vents and exhaust fans.

Damp Basement / Crawl Space

Basements and crawlspaces are common areas for mold because of lack of sunlight, ventilation and often high humidity levels.

Windows and Doors

Condensation causes mold on or around windows. Leaks around frames and poor or damaged caulking will also contibute.


Poor ventilation and flooding are common causes of mold and mildew in bathrooms. The moisture attaches itself to area's such as tile, flooring, walls and plumbing fixtures.

HVAC System

Unseen mold could hide in vents, ducts, air conditioning and heating systems in your home. Mold growth in HVAC systems is often the cause of respiratory issues—asthma, allergies, coughing, and headaches.

Mold on Baseboards

Floors and Baseboards

Mold can hide behind baseboards and flooring typically caused by previous flooding or high humidity conditions in the house. The darkness in these areas allows mold to grow and thrive in these areas.

Our Mold Removal and Remediation Process

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