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Air Scrubbers. . . How Do They Work?

There are several ways to change indoor air quality. One way is by using air scrubbers. They take contaminated air in, treat it, and then release it back into the room clean from particulates and odors. They exchange the room volume of air several times per hour to ensure that all air is getting treated adequately.

They have been used in commercial application such as factories for quite some time, but their use in restoration has been limited to the last 40 years.

air scrubber for water damage

The main filter used is a hepa filter which is short for High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. Depending on the environment we are trying to change we sometimes combine carbon to the filter to treat for odors. They also have become very popular since the new lead guidelines require their use to filter the air during lead abatement.

The size of the machine is calculated by the size of the room and how much air is required to be filtered per hour. Depending on the application, they also can be used to create negative pressure on a certain area. We do this to make sure that the contaminated air that we are treating doesn’t go outside of the barrier that has been set up.

It also helps to move the contaminated air towards the filter and bring in fresh air from another source.

It is important for any project, that you have the right tools for that job. The air scrubber is just one of the many tools we at Clarke Contractors, Inc have to handle any project of any size.

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