Basement Flood Causes: Get to the Root of the Problem

There’s a lot that can go wrong that leads to basement flooding. Knowing the cause is big part of finding the solution! It might not be the first thing on your mind when you see a swimming pool in your basement, but it’s important to figure out what’s going on. Unless you can stop the water source, you’re not going to be able to clean up and get rid of the water damage for good.

First things first, think about safety:

  • NEVER walk through standing water in your home
  • NEVER touch electricity or appliances in or near floodwaters
  • Don’t stay in the home when the flood involves raw sewage backup

Assess the situation and if you can’t access your circuit breaker to cut the power, call the pros right away. If something is going on that makes your home unsafe, find somewhere else to stay until the flood is cleaned up. It’s always best to wait until the damage has been repaired.

Common Causes of Basement Flooding

Some of the reasons that you might have a basement flood include:

  • Sewage backup due to tree roots, broken sewer lines, or main line clogs
  • Water backup due to main line clogs or broken water lines coming into the home
  • Broken water heaters
  • Broken sump pumps that cannot remove groundwater or excess water coming into the basement
  • Rain, floods, or other weather-related disasters
  • Overflowing gutters or inappropriate grading from the home that allows water to seep into the basement through the foundation

There are so many things that could lead to flooding in your basement. The important thing is to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. That starts by calling the two most important companies on your list: your home insurer and a professional water restoration service.

A water restoration service will help you figure out root causes of the flood. And they can advise you on costs and give you an estimate of what it could take to clean up your space. They can also often work with your home insurance company to see if any of the costs, or all of them, could be covered. This will depend on what caused the flood, so be sure to understand what kind of water damage coverage you do and do not have.

Expect the Worst but Prepare for the Best

You should be aware that it may be an expensive process to get your basement flood mitigated properly. However, you can rely on professionals to ensure that you get the best water damage solutions. Give your home the care that it deserves to ensure that the water is gone and the problem is resolved. The risks to your health will no longer be a concern giving you peace of mind. Plus, you’ll never have to do the work yourself, which is better for your safety in most cases.

Look at the extent of your damage, ask a professional water restoration service for estimates on what they would charge for cleanup, and see what your home insurance company is going to do to help. In most cases, you’ll fare better than you think, even if the bill seems high at first.