How to Deal with Fire Damage to Your Business

When you own a business, there’s a lot that you have to think about and deal with on a regular basis. Having a fire is the last thing that you want to deal with, but it’s something that requires your full attention. Fortunately, fire damage is not the end of the world. It does take a lot to recover, in some cases, but there are also people who can help. If you have fire damage to your business, here are some things to keep in mind.

Don’t Go Back Until It’s Safe

It can be tempting to go right back into your business and start trying to clean up or salvage items. However, that can be very dangerous, especially if the scene is clear and safe to enter. Although a minor fire might not cause structural damage, there’s still the risk of chemicals or smoke residue lingering in the air that could be dangerous to breathe.

If the structure is in question, that’s even more dangerous. You will never want to attempt to enter a business that has been so badly burned that the building itself is no longer safe to access as you once did. No business is worth the risk to your safety and wellbeing.

Call Your Insurance Company Right Away

The first thing that you should do once the flames have been extinguished is to call your insurance company and inform them as to what has happened. They will ask questions about the fire and then send an adjuster out to inspect the damage and see what they will cover as part of your business insurance claim for fire damage. They’ll also advise you on the next steps and probably recommend calling a restoration crew as soon as possible.

Hire Professionals to Clean Up Fire Damage

Speaking of a restoration crew, it’s always best if you choose to hire a professional fire damage restoration company to do the work. It might be tempting to save money by doing it yourself, or you might think it’s just easier in some instances, but that’s never the best course of action. A professional fire damage restoration company will know all about how to get things back in shape and get more out of your recovery.

The Process

When it comes to fire damage restoration, there is a certain process that will need to take place in order for everything to get done properly. First, there will be a full assessment of the damages, both by the insurance company and by the restoration company that you choose to work with. They will advise on how to secure your property and which methods of cleanup will be most effective.

They can also help with removing the debris and securing the property. Then, they’ll get to work on cleanup and restoration, which needs to happen as soon as possible. They can even help guide you through the process of choosing what to salvage and what needs to be replaced.