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Water and Flood Damage Repair and Restoration

Water damage events can strike without warning. Whether a flash flood turned your basement into an indoor pool or a bathroom pipe burst, the experts at Clarke Contractors are standing by to restore your home or business to pre-flood condition.

Because mold can develop in as little as 48 hours and water damage leads to warping, swelling, cracking and toxic odor, every second counts when it comes to treatment. As the largest property damage restorers in the Cincinnati and Tri-State area, Clarke is well equipped to remove 100% of water, minimize further damage, reduce overall costs, and restore your property and belongings.

Home or Business, We Handle All Types of Water Damage

Leaky Pipe / Pipe Burst

A common cause of home or business water damage, a leaky pipe or a pipe burst can potentially cause a lot of damage. Particully if the leak or burst is behind a wall, ceiling or floor where that water can do damage without being imediately apparent.

Flooded Basement

Basements add extra living or storage space but can be a risk for flooding. A faulty sump pump or crack in a foundation are often causes for a basement taking on water.

Appliance Malfunction

Household appliance are the most common cause of water damage with washing machines #1 and water heaters coming in at #2.

Bathtubs / Toilets

Bathtub and Toilet overfows and flooding are messy and a potential health hazard. Not only we dry and remove the mess, we also clean, sanitize and deordorize the effected area.

Weather / Storm

Flooding and water damage from a storm can effect the attic to the basement or crawlspace. We have the resources and expertise to not only clean and repair, but also help make sure it doesn't happen again.

Mold / Mildew

Mold removal is serious business and can also be dangerous. Mold infestations typically creep up after water damage, like a basement or bathroom flooding or a leaky roof.

Our Water Damage Restoration and Remediation Process

Water Damage Response

Call Clarke (513) 874-3995

We’re strategically located in West Chester, OH, to respond to any call in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky within 48 minutes or less.

Water Damage

We Inspect and Review Damage

We offer free estimate and inspection for your water damage. Use the form above or call to schedule today.

Water Removal

We Clean-Up / Remediate

We remove the water, dry and disinfect property flooring and structures to prevent further damage and mold growth.

Water Restoration

We Repair and Restore

If water damage occurs, we repair the damage and restore the effected area. Clarke Contractors are professional remodelers too!