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Silverton Apartment Complex Fire

Imagine going for a walk around the block on Christmas night just to unwind from the day’s activities, when you round the corner by your house and spot flames shooting out of an apartment building and no one is outside; do you panic, do you scream?  Well fortunately for the residence of this apartment complex the gentleman sprang into action as he was sprinting into the building he dialed 911.  He pounded on all the doors and woke 3 families and got them outside.  Someone said there was a guy home in the other unit, so off he went again as the fire department was coming down the street. He kicked in the door and found the man down on the floor. He still maintained his composure as a wall of grey smoke hit him in the face.  He scooped up the man and carried him down the steps as the fire department entered.  His quick action defiantly saved the life of one man, and probably saved the life of 3 others.

The fire department put out the fire and ventilated the building. Then they made the next important phone call, Clarke Contractors.  We were tasked to secure the site and protect the scene of an ongoing investigation.  Once the investigation was complete, we met with the property owner, the fire marshal and a representative from the insurance company and came up with a plan of action.

Here at Clarke Contractors, our estimating team has over 100 years of combined experience ranging from small grill fires, multiple unit apartments, restaurants, bakeries, and convenience stores. You name it, we’ve done it. We will have you an itemized estimate and a plan of action in about 72 hours and in the process of restoring your life back to normal.


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