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Tree Removal

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Tree Removal and Tree Damage Services Cincinnati

Damaged or Dead Tree? We’ll Get to the Root of the Problem.

Trees might be vital for life, but they also pose a safety hazard. Whether damaged by a raging storm, heavy winds, rot or old age, trees can result in extensive damage to your home or business. Clarke’s technicians are experts in tree removal, assessing damage and making necessary repairs.

Common Causes of Tree Damage

  • Wind or storms (thunderstorms, tornados)
  • Root loss or disease
  • Decay
  • Other factors (tree type, age, location)

Damage: More Than Meets the Eye

Sometimes, it’s obvious. Heavy branches sprawled over a roof. Or a tree split right down the middle, carving out a new home in your front yard. Other times, the extent of damage is less obvious, like interior structural issues.

If a tree falls near your home, call or email Clarke Contractors for a thorough inspection. We’ll remove the tree, assess the damage and plan a course of action.

Will Insurance Cover My Tree Removal?

The short answer: it depends. Did the tree fall on your property and not damage anything? Was the tree on your neighbor’s property? Was the tree properly maintained? Many factors dictate whether insurance will pay for tree removal and damage repairs, so it’s best to check with your agent.

The Clarke Quality Guarantee

We back our work with a three-year workmanship warranty.

Tree Removal References

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Jon C Cincinnati $35,985.55
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Breta P Lebanon $53,695.14
Robert C Middletown $11,810.10
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