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Raw Sewage Cleanup

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Raw Sewage Cleanup Cincinnati

Toilet Overflow? Drain Backed Up? Call Clarke Before It Turns Toxic.

In deep with a sewer backup? Request Clarke’s emergency service right away. Whether caused by clogged drain lines or heavy rain, sewage damage can rapidly contaminate a household, give off toxic fumes and cause illness.

Equipped with advanced sewage-removal technology, like HEPA air scrubbers, drying equipment and anti-microbial agents, our highly trained mitigation technicians will quickly remove and clean all contaminated areas.

The 3 Types of Contaminated Water

All types of sewage contain viruses, bacteria and harmful microbes, but some are worse than others. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) defines them:

  • Category 1.
    The most common. It’s liquid from a “clean” source, like faucets, toilet tanks, leaky water pipes and drinking fountains. It can turn into category 2 or 3 if not treated quickly.
  • Category 2.
    Formerly known as “gray” water, this liquid contains contaminants known to cause illness or discomfort. It’s usually found in these sources: toilet overflow (some urine but no feces), dishwasher or washing machine overflow, and flush from sink drains.
  • Category 3.
    The absolute worst and grossest offender. If ingested, it could cause severe illness or even death. Known as “black” water, its sources include sewer backup, flooding from rivers or streams, toilet overflow (with feces), and stagnant water that has begun to support bacterial growth.

Need Emergency Sewage Cleanup? Call 513-874-3995

Whether your home or commercial property is suffering from category 1, 2 or 3 water damage, you need help fast. Clarke’s IICRC-certified crew is on call 24/7/365 to respond to your emergency.

Our technicians will handle all contaminated materials with special care and special protective gear. This ensures their safety and prevents cross contamination.

Tips to Avoid Drain Backups

It’s impossible to prevent all backups, but these steps may help you avoid some common ones.

  • Have drain lines inspected regularly to ensure they are clear of debris
  • Never flush anything through the sanitary system that was not intended to be processed in that manner (includes feminine products)
  • Empty septic tanks regularly
  • Check drain areas after heavy rain
  • Fix plumbing problems immediately to avoid further backups

The Clarke Quality Guarantee

We back our work with a three-year workmanship warranty.

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