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Whether you’re a contractor or DIYer, having the right equipment is critical to tackling restoration jobs. That’s why we’ve made our state-of-the-art tools, including air scrubbers, fans and vacuums, available for rent. As they say, “If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well.” Use what Clarke’s pros use to eliminate odors, dry structures and remove airborne contaminants.

Guardian HEPA

First portable air scrubbing device designed exclusively for the restoration industry. It captures virtually all removable airborne particles. It cleans one air change of a 12 x 14 foot room in less than a minute. In order to be effective, an air scrubber should be able to perform a minimum of four air changes per hour. Has high airflow and multiple ducting options allow for the combination of negative or positive air flow control of an area and containment air scrubbing at the same time.


HEPA 500

Built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew in this machine. It has advanced filtration technology and daisy chain capability – link up to 3 units on 1 power outlet with a  variable CFM on each unit – up to 1500 CFM per 15-amp circuit.  It is stackable, lightweight, and easily transportable HEPA 5000 combines advanced clean air performance with the valuable features to help make the restorers job easier.


Odorox Hydroxyl Boss

Eliminate heavy odors caused by fire, flood, nicotine, grey water/black water, decomposition, mold, sewage and chemical spills/off gassing. Turn the fan to low to deodorize small areas such as cars, RVs, boats, bedrooms or offices. This setting is also ideal for tenting damaged contents on-site. Turn the fan to high and you have the ability to treat larger areas such as basements, homes and businesses.


Odorox Boss XL3

Decontaminate and deodorize while you dry because it joins directly to your existing air movers. Heavy concentration of hydroxyls to treat large areas affected by fire and smoke, flood, nicotine, grey/ black water, decomposition, mold, sewage, chemical spills/ off gassing and any other odor problem you may encounter.


Ace Turbodryer

Has a very low amp draw. Seven position versatility for handling a wide range of applications. Dry structures fast with 1800 actual CFM. Turn or tilt on non-skid rubber feet to switch operating positions. Ideal for structural drying, carpet cleaning, ventilation and more.


Sahara E Turbodryer

Underside drying vent. Has a built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold, and mildew in this machine. Quickly disassembly for cleaning.  It has a daisy-chain capability with convenience outlet and circuit breaker and an underside drying vent for under the airmover.  It has a built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold, and mildew in this machine. Quick disassembly for cleaning.


Sahara Pro X3

Lower amp draw. Has a daisy-chain capability with convenience outlet and circuit breaker. Underside drying vent for under the airmover and built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold, and mildew in this machine.. Quick disassembly for cleaning.



Ventilate or dry confined spaces like closets, crawlspaces or attics with the TurboDuct. The ducting anti-static, flame resistant, and is mildew-, mold-, rot- and UV-resistant.


Mobile Disinfection Unit (MDU)

Mobile Disinfection Unit is finely tuned to treat odors associated with bacterial, viral and mold contamination. It is ideal for medical, clinical, institutional, hazmat, veterinary or hospitality use.

Applications include hospitals, long term care facilities, day cares, hotels, locker rooms, nurseries, schools, offices and homes.


Phoenix 200HT

Rotomolded housings and other plastic components of Dri-Eaz equipment. Experience drying at higher temperatures speeds the evaporation of moisture in the structure when compared to cooler temperatures.

The Phoenix 200 HT reduces the need to remove drying equipment to control temperature inside the affected area. Downward-focused exhaust airflow directs dehumidified low-grain air toward the floor, while a raised base improves drying directly under the dehumidifier.


DrizAir 1200Capture

Removes up to 15 gallons a day. Super convenient size. Hot-gas bypass for fast defrost. Rugged rotomoded housing- stackable! Electronic touch-pad controls. Rigid handle that is designed for rugged service. Semi-pneumatic wheels for easy transport.




Insulation Vacuum

An ideal choice for contractors seeking fast, profitable removal of fire, smoke and water damaged insulation from attics, sidewalls and crawl spaces.

Blown-in insulation and plaster chips – wet or dry – are removed quickly and efficiently.


Phoenix Firebird

Offers multiple heating, ducting, and electrical options for on-demand heating from inside or outside the drying space. The Firebird will operate freestanding or with 12-inch flex duct on the inlet and/or outlet to distribute the heat precisely where you need it. It provides up to 31,000 BTU’s of instant heat to speed your drying.


Phoenix R200 Dehumidifier

The R200 is no larger than typical ‘medium’ class LGR. Weighting 105 lbs, it removes 125 pints per day and has the  technology for higher temperature operation, increased air flow to 325 CFM and multipe ducting options. Also, stacks easily to reduce space.


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