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Ozone for Odor Control

Odor control is a big obstacle once the fire is put out or the water is dried. House fires cause smoke and soot damage. You can make all the home repairs but the odor still lingers. You can get rid of all the water damage and dry everything, but still have that musty smell. Not to mention, the most feared four-letter word to all homeowners, MOLD.Ozone is an odor control option that does not put any more harmful chemicals into your home. Ozone is generated through the use of ozone generators. They strip oxygen out of the air and pass it through an electrical discharge converting oxygen to ozone. Ozone then attaches to the molecule and eliminates it. Ozone can be used to control animal, smoke, pet and other common household odors. It is also the most effective method to rid your home of that MOLD. When you use some chemicals to control odor causing sources, it can come back once the chemical process is complete. With ozone the odor is eliminated, therefore, will never come back.

The EPA has printed reports that say the ozone process may be unsafe for one reason. It lowers oxygen levels making it harmful to breathe. When an ozone generator is operating, the room should be unoccupied. Once the process is complete, the oxygen levels should be tested before it is occupied. Ozone generators take minimal supervision but should only be operated by a professional. Clarke Contractors, Inc employees have the necessary training in order to operate these generators. We can set them up in your home to get rid of odor that is still hanging around. It’s just one more service we offer in order to make your house the way it was before the damage occurred.

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