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Could you have mold in your home?

Don’t be shocked, but you have mold in your house right now. Mold is found everywhere, indoors and outdoors all year round. There is no such thing as a mold free environment. There are thousands of species of mold and most of the mold found indoors comes from outdoor sources. Mold is more likely to grow and become a problem when there is water damage, high humidity and dampness.

Molds produce millions of spores that can produce toxic agents known as Micotoxins. Micotoxins can have negative health effects on people exposed to different levels of mold. People at the greatest risk of health effects are individuals with allergies, asthma, sinusitis, respiratory and weakened immune conditions, as well as children, the elderly and pregnant women. I would classify another group of people susceptible to mold – Remediation workers.

Workers who are exposed daily to molds have to take every precaution available. As they are disturbing the mold, it becomes airborne and the risk of exposure goes up. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a vital part of mold remediation. The primary function of PPE is to inhaling and direct contact to the skin or eyes. Gloves, full face respirators, disposable overalls, head, and footgear are the primary items for use in mold remediation. The use of these items during a remediation project can be the difference of a sick or healthy employee.

PPE is a small part of the entire project to cleanup a mold damage loss. Clarke Contractors, Inc takes much care to ensure the health of our employees and we ensure the health of your home through containment equipment and HEPA filtration air handlers.

If you need help getting rid of mold, contact Clarke Contractors through our online form or by calling 513 874­-3995.

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