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The best part of my job is the people I get to meet and the relationships I get to build with them. At Clarke Contractors, we take pride in helping families cope with tragedy’s that happen in their lives from things like a house fire, a flooded basement, or maybe a wind storm that blew a tree onto their home.

I am currently in the middle of rebuilding a home in the Southeast portion of rural Warren County that caught on fire in early November.  The house was severely damaged from the fire and destroyed virtually all the personal contents of the homeowner.

The homeowner, Jo, is a single lady, who is in her late 50’s. Her home was built by her father back in the 1950’s. She is truly an amazing person with an amazing outlook on her situation.

I met Jo at her home a few weeks after the fire occurred. It was very emotional for her to walk thru her home and witness the carnage from the fire.  I was amazed to see how resilient she is. From the the moment I met her, I could tell that she was bound and determined to get back on track and I felt honored to be chosen as the person to help lead the rebuild of her home.  Jo and I communicate on a daily basis either via email or the telephone.  Communication is the key.  I know from my past experience, that customers want to be up to date on what is going on with their jobs, whether it is something minor like, “we delivered the drywall onto your job today” or something major like “we finished the new roof today”.

Jo’s home is getting to the exciting stages of the rebuild; she can now see her home come back to life. We are currently finishing up the drywall work and getting ready to paint the walls and install her new flooring.  Jo can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and she truly realizes that her ultimate goal of getting back into her home is right around the corner.


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