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Are You for Covered for Disaster Damage?

The last thing you expected during your Sunday laundry routine was the washing machine pipe to burst and water to gush all over your basement tile. After the initial shock subsides, you wonder “will my homeowners insurance cover the damage?”

We’re here to help. We know it can be tough to decipher Ohio insurance policies. Clarke’s expert team works with major and local insurance companies on a daily basis and we know what is and what isn’t covered. Throughout the cleanup and restoration, we’ll work closely with you and your insurance agent to expedite the process and make it as painless as possible.

Water and Flood Damage: What’s Covered and What’s Not

Most standard homeowners and renters insurance covers cover accidental or sudden water damage. This includes rook leaks, burst pipes, backed-up plumbing and faulty sump pumps. What’s not covered is flood damage (these require special flood insurance) and damage from unresolved maintenance issues, like a faucet that leaked for months.

Fire Damage: Coverage No Matter the Cause

Nearly every standard insurance policy covers fire damage from any cause. Should a fire damage your home or commercial property, insurance should pay for the entire cleanup and restoration process – from water damage repair to smoke odor removal and content restoration.

Mold Remediation: Coverage Depends on the Cause

Will insurance cover mold restoration and remediation? Short answer: it depends. Generally, standard homeowners and renters policies don’t cover mold damage. However, many insurance providers sell separate policies and riders that cover mold damage. As always, check with your agent for details.

Storm Damage: Covered Most of the Time

Insurance policies typically cover storm damage caused by wind, rain, hail, snow and ice. For example, if a windstorm tears your roof apart, your homeowner’s policy should cover the wind damage repair. What’s not covered? Damage from floods, like water from a rising river.

Every Policy is Different

Have questions about whether your insurance policy covers disaster damage? Coverage varies by provider, so we recommend you survey the extent of damage and contact your provider as soon as possible. Clarke’s experts are also happy to help answer your questions, too. Contact us.

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