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Fire Prevetion Articles

Home Fire Safety and Prevention Tips for Every Season

We’re all guilty of multitasking around the home, and we often overlook the ways we’re unintentionally putting our homes and families at risk. Home fires are a major concern, especially as 78% of fire deaths occur in home fires[i], and [more…]

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Preventing a Fall Fire

It’s that time again, out with the hot and in with the cool fall weather. But before you go and light those chimney fires or burn all of those leaves piling up, there are a few things you need to [more…]

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Fire Prevention Tips

Did you know that fire and burns were the third highest cause of injury and death in a household? The best way to avoid a household fire is prevention and education of everyone in your home. Here are some areas [more…]

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Prevent Fire Damage in the Kitchen

Year after year the amount of fires and burns that start in the kitchen makes it the most dangerous area in your home. There are many hazards that can cause burns and unintentional fires. Some simple practices you can follow [more…]

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