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Content Restoration Articles

Dealing with Fire Damage

My house had an electrical fire when I was in the third grade, one week before Christmas. It was very scary as a child. I will never forget the way it felt to see my mom crying outside the house [more…]

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Document Drying

Do you have medical records, birth certificates, electronic media, books, photos, etc. damaged by water in your home? No need to worry, those documents can be restored. Be sure to contact Clarke Contractors right away to start the drying process [more…]

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Electronic and Equipment Restoration

When disaster strikes, your top priority after your family is safe is to protect your property.¬† When items inside your home are ¬†damaged in addition to the home itself, it can be very overwhelming to most homeowners. People work hard [more…]

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Content Restoration

One of the most important concerns homeowners have when calamity strikes, are their personal belongings.¬† During this winter season one of the most common and potentially destructive issues is fire damage. Fire damage can be caused by all kinds of [more…]

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Art Restoration

When fire and water strike your home, devastation and shock are the first things that sink in. Although your home can be rebuilt, it’s the things with sentimental values that are most missed.

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