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Silverton Apartment Complex Fire

Imagine going for a walk around the block on Christmas night just to unwind from the day’s activities, when you round the corner by your house and spot flames shooting out of an apartment building and no one is outside; [more…]

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I Have a Leak! Where’s It Coming From and What Do I Do?

Last year’s weather had homeowners on edge when they woke up to a wet floor or flooded basement.  When the rain comes down for what seems like days on end, the small leaks that always went undetected now become the [more…]

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Winterizing Your Home

When the mercury drops below 32 degrees, are you and your home prepared for the cold grip of Old Man Winter?  It is important to take precautionary measures to ensure your home will last through the winter months, especially if [more…]

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Large Loss Fire

The week before last, I started estimating a large forty unit apartment fire.  On day two of estimating, I met all of our sub contractors on site to walk them through their scope of work.  I had the plumber, electrician, [more…]

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Colerain Condo Fire

I was called out to a fire Friday afternoon it was for a previous customer of ours that has used us several times in the past.  I was onsite within the hour and once I got there it was like [more…]

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