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Payment Process of an Insurance Claim

This is a detailed report on what to expect when you have an insurance claim and hire Clarke Contractors, Inc. to repair your damages:

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Damage to Structural Framing Member

When is it recommended to repair versus replace? Clarke Contractors, Inc. takes several calls each year that involve damage to structural members. Trees, vehicles, fire and lightning are all causes to structural damage. Most cases we see involve cracking, breaking, [more…]

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Communication is to be open and tell them everything

Communication is the most important thing for a general contractor. Customers want to be informed about everything. With today’s tools, this has never been easier. You can text, e-mail or leave notes. There are also programs that ensure you communicate [more…]

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Shingle Upgrade

Since hurricane Ike’s wind damages hit our area back in September ’08, we’ve been replacing many roofs that have sustained damaged shingles. Ike generated sustained winds upwards of 70 miles per hour in our region of the country. Homeowners since [more…]

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Customer Service

Customer service is often said to be a thing of the past. Being employed at Clarke Contractors, Inc. has taught me differently. I am reminded daily of the importance of each customer. Every member of this company approaches each customer [more…]

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